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Examples of solutions and services we provide


BROADKEY Associates is a full-service provider of technology systems and solutions that specializes in optimizing media workflows from creation to distribution and preservation.

  • System Architecture & Design

  • Project Manage & accompany

  • Budget definition

  • Tender analysis & writing,

  • Vendor Evaluation

  • Supply & Integration Supervision

  • Workflow Management

  • Staff Training programs

  • Support & SLA

  • Future proofing for expansion

  • Something else?  Please ask!


Solutions Architecture

The BROADKEY Associates  team includes the following experts:

  • Facility & Systems Design

  • Project Management

  • Digital Workflows

  • Asset Management

  • Newsroom Systems

  • Broadcast Management BMS

  • Interior Design & Acoustics

  • IT Software, Hardware Integration

  • Cyber & Security

  • Multiscreen, OTT, VOD  & CDN

  • Cloud & OnPrem Content Processing

  • Studio & Production Sound &  Lighting

  • Graphics VR AR XR

  • Communications & Intercom

  • Cloud Storage & SaaS

  • Media Archiving + Disaster Recovery

Workflow Optimization

With hands-on experience in implementing broadcast and media workflows on 5 continents BROADKEY Associates will brain-tank and analyze your requirements

  • Media Asset Management

  • Transcoding

  • Channel Management

  • Playout Automation

  • Production Automation

  • News Acquisition &  NRCS  

  • Cloud, SaaS, FAST Channels

  • Remote Work & Collaboration

  • Data Storage


Video Platforms for Education & Enterprise

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, which has  changed the way educators and corporate deploy the media required for teaching, instruction, marketing and sharing of knowledge BROADKEY Associates has been providing platforms for distance learning.

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Lecture Capture

  • Flipped Classroom

  • Video Content Management

  • Private Video Library

  • Video Training

  • Onboarding

  • Corporate Communications


Specialized Projects

BROADKEY Associates has expertise in a wide range of technologies that provide specialized solutions for:

  • Intercom & Talkback Systems

  • NOC's  - Control Rooms
    • Military Aerospace Government

  • Conference Centers

  • Specialized displays

  • Signal Transport


Turnkey - One Stop Shop

If required BROADKEY Associates can provide a one-stop solution for the end to end provision of your system.

This will be budget efficient, providing one point of call for not just the implementation but the ongoing support and maintenance.


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